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Water Droplets
Budding Tree
Fallen Apples
Cherry Blossom
Ray of Light
Tranquil forest
Lilly Pond


The Mists of Stone Forest started as a Keltrian grove holding its first ritual on Lughnasadh 1995 CE in a very warm South Minneapolis MN basement. As part of a thriving and diverse pagan community, we grew in number. With all growth, comes change and a shifting of perceptions. We disassociated with Henge of Keltria as a grove in June 1996. There some members of the grove that are still hold membership within the Henge of Keltria.


The name Mists of Stone Forest was a gift from a scrying for our grove identity. As our community continues to grow, we expect there to be other "Mists of" groves. We are an initiatory path for those who choose it. A cohesive fit between an individual and our grove’s philosophies and initiates leads some to pursue initiation into our specific grove—Druids of the Mists of Stone Forest.



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