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Welcome to the Druids of the Mists

We believe in a strong community grounded in shared ritual worship and magic. Our rituals take place, for the most part, in private homes and on private lands—the exceptions being the local Pagan Pride events and grove attendance at regional pagan festivals, such as Paganicon.


There are many levels of participation within the grove and we help most people discover and enhance their Druidic practices. We have a greater grove that consists of people of various path that attend our rituals regularly. Some choose to attend for a sense of community, while others want to share in earth-based spiritual practices. Others participate as students and choose to eventually become a dedicant to the path of Druidry.


We hold workshops within the local community for those wanting to learn more about Druidry as we practice it. As with other religious and magical traditions, there is an ever widening definition of what might make a Druid or what defines Druidic practices. Intolerance, in the guise of religious purity, is what has made many search for different paths outside the predominant culture. Therefore, we do NOT claim to have the right or only path within Druidry, within paganism, or beyond the earth-based and pagan traditions altogether. We simply know what works for our grove. If you call yourself a Druid, then you are one. Whether someone else recognizes you as such depends on your and their shared experiences, nomenclatures, philosophies, histories, and so forth. What drives your heart and sings in your spirit is where you will find your own truth and your own name.

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